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- The application deadline for METU VTOL'24 competition is now extended to July 19, 2024!


The competition simulates a critical heavy cargo delivery operation to an off-shore platform, similar to those found in the oil and gas industry. Participants will design, build, and fly VTOL UAVs to perform three challenging and distinct missions. The first mission involves a reconnaissance flight to survey the area, requiring the UAV to fly as far as possible without any payload. The second mission tests the endurance and precision capabilities of the UAV, as it must carry a heavy payload and perform a precise landing on the off-shore platform. The final mission focuses on transporting and accurately dropping a slung load onto a designated target on the platform. This scenario mimics real-world applications where UAVs are used to deliver essential supplies and equipment to remote and inaccessible locations, emphasizing the importance of efficiency, precision, and reliability in aerial operations. By undertaking these missions, participants will gain hands-on experience in UAV design and operation, while tackling realistic challenges faced in industrial cargo delivery.